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What They Say

"I would be very happy to recommend James to look after animals. He has looked after my Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Fish and Giant African Land Snail!

James is very reliable demonstrated by the fact that he always keeps appointments at the arranged time. He is trustworthy demonstrated by the fact that he has had a key to our house to look after the indoor animals and to use the kitchen to prepare vegetables for the outdoor animals without any problem. James shows care for the animals and initiative where necessary. He is concerned that the job is done correctly. I am very happy to recommend him."

Dr Janice Haigh

"My cocker spaniel sits by the window every morning waiting for James white van to come up the road, and then goes mad with excitement awaiting her walk."

CJ of Fulwood

"James is the best dog carer I have come across. He is extremely dedicated and conscientious and gives individual attention to my dog’s particular needs."

Malamute owner

"I have known James for 16 years and I have always found him sensible and caring of all animals and has a special affinity with dogs. He has looked after my dogs for a number of years, walking them and looking after them when I want to go on holiday or when I want to go out. He is completely honest and trustworthy and any dog would be safe and well looked after with James."


"I have walked dogs with James on a number of occasions and have witnessed at first hand his ability to handle dogs in all sorts of situations. James always tailors his walks to the age, nature and capability of the dog or dogs he is handling be they large or small, excitable or placid natured, old or very young. Dogs will enjoy their time spent with James."